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Free Spell Check OnlineFree Spell Check Online - Our aim is to point you to free websites and programs that can check your website for spelling errors, but we also include websites and programs you have to pay for to cover all aspects of spell checkers.

Spellcheck (Click to enlarge)

Spell check programs allow you to verify the correct spelling of any text you are writing on a website, e-mail or document. You could find them as online resource or downloadable software.

Spell Check

Checking the correct spelling of your web pages, e-mails or documents is very important if you want to have a good website, make a perfect presentation or deliver an A+ document. People don't like to read things that have a lot of spelling errors (specially work's documents and e-mails). It makes the document look like a child wrote them. If that's not the kind of impression you want to put forth then you need to put forth the effort to make sure that your documents are error free.

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Spell Check

Online Spellcheck

There are several sites all over Internet where you could spellcheck online a word, phrase, medical or legal terms, also an entire web page. All of them have a the same way of use; type in the word, phrase or URL on the respective box and click a button to start spell checking.


Mark Horrell offers in his site a simple text and webpage spellcheck for free. To use it, either paste the text you would like to check into the box or enter your URL and click the relevant button.

Check more Online Spell Checkers here.

Medical Terms

Many online resources and programs can be found to verify the correct spelling of medical and pharmaceutical terms. Check some of them here.

More Spellcheck Programs

We've gathered more spell checkers for Microsoft Outlook here. You can check more spelling software here. Additionally, you have more Website Spellcheck tools here.

Free Spell CheckerFree Spell Checker - Check here for free spell checkers, online spell check, downloadable programs for spelling and grammar check. Be sure your website, e-mails and documents are well written.

Online Spell CheckOnline Spell Check - We've gathered here only online spell checks. Several websites where you could spell check text, word, or an entire web page content and you can do it instantly online.

Medical Spell CheckerMedical Spell Checker - Medical spell checkers are used to verify the correct spelling of medical and pharmaceutical terms. Many online resources and programs can be found, including the Stedmans Medical Spell Check.

Outlook Express Spell CheckOutlook Express Spell Check - Software and utilities for Outlook Express spell check. Downloadable programs, paid or free software to use for spell checking all your emails and notes made on Microsoft Outlook.

BlackBerry Spell CheckerBlackBerry Spell Checker - BlackBerry spell checker programs available to buy or free download and incorporate spell check capabilities into your black berry handheld. Download free trial or buy full version.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

About - Article by Linda Roeder about spellcheck tools and software. personalweb.about.com

Orangoo - Free spell checker, enter a text into the text box, or you can enter your website address. The text box can check spelling in 27 languages. www.orangoo.com

NetMechanic - Free spell checker online. Enter the URL of the website or page you want to check, enter your e-mail address you want the results to go to and away you go. www.netmechanic.com

Medical Spell Checker - Check medical terminology and pharmaceutical terminology instantly. www.medical-spell-checker.com

Spellex Corporation - Spellex spell check software, comprehensive spellcheck programs available with medical and legal dictionary spelling. Check also for transcriptionists, legal and scientific spell checker, also a toolbar!. www.spellex.com

Wikipedia - Information about spellchecking process. en.wikipedia.org

Microsoft outlook (Click to enlarge)
Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Spellcheck

Microsoft Outlook doesn't have its own software to check correct spelling of your emails but there are many resources and utilities available for download online to incorporate spell check capabilities into Microsoft Outlook.


ABCSpell for Outlook Express plugs right into your application, so it works invisibly. When you click Send, your message will automatically be checked, and you will be able to correct any errors before the message is actually sent. Click here to get a free trial version. Cost of the full version USD $29.95 (October 2007).
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