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Spell CheckSpell Check - Spell check programs allow you to verify the correct spelling of any text you are writing on a website, e-mail or document. You could find them as online resource or downloadable software.

Online medical spell check (Click to enlarge)
Online medical spell check

Medical spell checkers are used to verify the correct spelling of medical and pharmaceutical terms. Many online resources and programs can be found, including the Stedmans Medical Spell Check.

Medical Spell Checker

Medical spell checks are used to verify the correct spelling of medical and pharmaceutical terms. Many online resources and programs can be found, including the Stedmans Medical Spell Check.

Medical spell checker (Click to enlarge)
Medical Spell Checker

Online Medical Spell Check

At you have a simple but accurate and free online spell check of medical terminology. The Online Medical Spell Checker spell checks medical terminology and pharmaceutical terminology instantly. Over 500,000 terms in all. Simply type in a medical term or pharmaceutical term you are wanting to spell check and click the spell check button. If the medical term you are trying to spell check is not included in the online medical spell checker, then the program will suggest any similiar sounding or spelled terms. Pop-up stoppers need to be disabled.

Medical Matrix offers another online medical spell checker. Just enter the term you want to check and click on the button "Spell Check".

Stedman's Medical Spell Check

Stedmans is complete resource for medical and pharmaceutical terms. Check for digital images, dictionaries, word references, electronic books, transcription certification, medical terminology, legal references, and spell checkers, among many other products.

Stedmans medical spell check
Stedmans Medical Spell Check

The Stedman's Plus Legal/Medical/Pharmaceutical Spellchecker 2006 is an essential component in ensuring error-free legal documents. With this medical spell checker software legal professionals can have access to accurate and current legal, medical, pharmaceutical, and bioscience terminology to aid in the creation of medical claims, medical malpractice, personal injury, and worker's compensation reports. Click here for more product information, versions, prices and online orders.

Free Medical Spell Check

Download here a free medical spell checker. With this free medical spell check you can quickly verify the proper spelling of medical terms in almost every medical specialty and field. It works just like a medical speller book, however since it is a medical speller software tool you simply can start typing in the medical term you want to spell check and with every keystroke you will be automatically stepping closer to the correct medical spelling.

Free Spell Check OnlineFree Spell Check Online - Our aim is to point you to free websites and programs that can check your website for spelling errors, but we also include websites and programs you have to pay for to cover all aspects of spell checkers.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Medical Spell Checker - A free medical spell check that checks medical terminology and pharmaceutical terminology instantly.

Stedman's - Complete resource for medical and pharmaceutical terminology. Check many products, including Stedmans Medical Spell Checkers.

Spellex Corporation - Spellex spell check software, comprehensive spell checker available with medical dictionary spelling. Check also for transcriptionists, legal and scientific spell checker, also a toolbar!.

Medical Speller - The Medical Speller software integrates thousands of medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, and life science terms into the Microsoft Word spell checker.

Medical Spell Checker Software

MedicWords is presented as a perfect all around medical spell check. "If you have to type medical terminology and hate looking up the correct spelling in a medical dictionary or medical speller every time your word processor flags a medical term or all those medical terms as misspelled, then you really should try MedicWords medical spell check!"

Medical spell check software (Click to enlarge)
Medical spell check software

Download a free trial version here. You will need Microsoft Word to work with MedicWords. The cost of a full version of MedicWords for a single user is USD $40.00 (October 2007).

Spellex Corporation offers Spellex Medical 2007, and according to them, is the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate medical spell checker ever developed. This medical spell check software correctly spells hundreds of thousands of medical words covering over 70 medical specialties, from Anesthesiology to Virology, and more. Includes thousands of critically important terms from medical, surgical, chemistry, and laboratory terminology. Also includes hundreds of eponyms, acronyms, abbreviations, Greek terms and terms with diacritical markings. Spellex Medical 2007 works inside your favorite Microsoft, WordPerfect, or Lotus spell checker.

Medical spell check
Spellex - Medical Spell Check

Download a free trial here.

But if you have no time for download or buy a software, use the quickly and free online spell verification Spellex Corporation offers in their website, click here.

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